Introducing X-Anatomy

X-Anatomy™ is a transaxial cross-sectional human anatomy interactive medical imaging atlas using CT images, designed for medical professionals & all students of anatomy.

X-Anatomy is developed and maintained by board-certified physicians who were unsatisfied with the inadequacy of the existing anatomy apps and books with lack of clinically relevant detail or poor interface.

We created X-Anatomy to use for ourselves, tested and used in clinical practice and as an interactive learning resource. Therefore, we developed and maintain these features:
  • Includes hundreds of images from actual human patient body scans.
  • Detailed anatomic notes about muscles, vessels, and key anatomic structures
  • Includes lymph node stations for neck cancers (AJR), breast cancers (AJCC), lung cancers (IASLC) used by surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, etc. Includes liver segment (Couinaud) classifications.
  • Complete color-coded index of anatomic structures
  • FOLLOW the positions and pathways of your selected anatomic structures automatically as you SCROLL through the image slices.
  • Use the intuitive BODY LOCALIZER to show you where you are as you scroll through the body, as well as the general region of the anatomic structure

INCLUDED body section modules cover the major body sections from head to pelvis: CT Brain, CT Neck, CT Sinuses, CT Chest, CT Lungs, CT Abdomen & Male Pelvis, CT Abdomen & Female Pelvis.

Who uses X-Anatomy? We have received reports from people all over the world, including:
  • Physicians and residents of all specialties, including radiologists, nuclear medicine, radiation oncologists, surgeons, neurologists, gastroenterologists, primary care, physical rehabilitation, etc., all physicians whose patients need CT scans.
  • Medical students and pre-medical students
  • Imaging technologists and students (x-ray/CT/PET/MRI)
  • Nurses and nursing students, nurse practitioners, physician assistants
  • Physical therapists and students
  • Chiropractors and students
  • All health care personnel
  • Biomedical-related scientists and researchers who need a cross sectional human anatomy reference
  • Anyone interested in learning about the human body or has had a CT scan of themselves and has taken home a copy of the images.

X-Anatomy Team:

  • Medical Director & Application Developer: Francis Isidoro, MD
  • Research & Development Assistant: Sofia De Guzman, Lincoln High School, Stockton, CA